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£ 80.00-100.00 p/h

I am fully QUALIFIED and EXPERIENCED teacher - 20 years - ( presently tutoring in 2 Schools as a Super Tutor and privately) and therefore you will not be risking neither your child`s academic success nor money in hiring me. I readily identify obstacles to learning and create a learning specific teaching style to address this. In addition I concentrate on knowledge acquisition and the application, exam technique and confidence building. GCSE maths, biology, chemistry, physics and AS/A2 bio and chem,

How would you describe your teaching style?

I create a relaxed and friendly environment where the student feels free to answer - as a wrong answer is usually more informative as to how a student perceives a subject rather than a correct one! I can readily identify student's weakness and work on this. I am excellent at instilling confidence in a student. Students tend to like me a lot! I have a caring and sensitive nature to my tutoring. ========================================================================================== From this list I will be selecting those needed for your child to succeed. Below is what a good classroom teacher knows and uses:- Accelerated learning, Active Learning, Assessment for learning, Bloom's taxonomy to learning, Coaching, Confidence building, Cognitive accelerated programmes, Constructivism, Creativity, Differentiation, Enquiry based learning, ESL, ECM, Evidence based learning, Independent learning development, Inclusion, Gifted and talented, Gender awareness learning, ICT in the curriculum and application to SEN, Learning preferences, Managing behaviour ( and identifying zones of stress for children in learning), Mentoring ( exploration, understanding, planning), metaphor and analogy teaching, Motivation development, Multiple intelligence, Modelling teaching and learning, National strategy for designing a lesson ( starter, main body + resources, plenary, assessment for learning, etc,) Neuro-Linguistic programming, personalized education, Reflective learning, Questioning and Answering effectively, application of correct Teaching styles, Thinking skills - mind maps etc, Achievement ,using Transitions, etc.

What qualifications do you have?


Tell us about your experience...

I am a highly experienced and qualified classroom teacher in Biology and Chemistry to A level and GCSE sciences ( bio chem phys) and maths. The 20 years of classroom experience is invaluable in explaining experiments, practicals and criteria for marking them that so many student find difficult. I have taught in Northern Ireland, Australia and London. I have excellent results both at classroom level and and as a private tutor . I have recently been employed as an enrichment teacher ( to take results form B/ A to A*) at 2 schools in London and in another school as their "super tutor". The schools normally request that I make an initial assessment of the students and design an IEP for these borderline students. Areas - state,public,vocational,hospitals,lock up with YYO Public schools include Westminster, Harrow, St Pauls, The American school in London and Eton plus many others

What locations do you tutor in?

London Central, Greater London and international for either long or short term

What is your personal message to students?

Work, feel confident , enjoy, achieve, inspire and most importantly leave the hard part to me!

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: yes
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: London area
Online tutor: No
Subjects: Biology GCSE
  Chemistry GCSE
  Physics GCSE
  Maths GCSE
  Biology A Level
  Chemistry A Level