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My name is Joe Hytner. I teach Latin and Ancient Greek in London, Cambridge and on Skype. I studied Classics at King's College, Cambridge, graduating in 2009. I then completed my PGCE (teacher training) at Queens' College, Cambridge in 2010, before teaching Latin part-time in three different schools. I have been a private tutor since 2009, and have now clocked up thousands of hours' experience. I have taught Latin and Ancient Greek extensively for 13+ Common Entrance, 13+ Scholarship, GCSE, AS, A2, Pre-U, SAT, Oxbridge entrance exams, university exams, and adults learning just for fun (amongst other tutoring briefs). I also have 7 years’ experience as a Cambridge University supervisor, teaching the ancient languages to undergraduates at a wide variety of colleges. I also own and run a private tuition agency, Titanium Tutors, which provides tutors across the UK, for all subjects and levels. I love Classics, and my main aim is to make my lessons fun and inspirational.

How would you describe your teaching style?

My teaching style is structured and thorough. I start every lesson with a five minute recap of the key content of the previous session, checking how much the tutee remembers. A typical lesson will then consist of a translation, in which I ask the tutee to note down each unknown word as it is encountered and to devise a memory trick which will help them to recall the word in a five minute test at the end of the lesson. Together with the tutee, I will then pick a grammar point which stood out in the translation exercise as requiring the most immediate attention. We will spend five to ten minutes working on that, with the tutee's understanding tested with some reinforcement exercises. At the end of the lesson we will recap all the new vocabulary and grammar which was covered, and I will typically set a manageable 20 - 30 minute homework for the next session based on what was covered in the lesson. Every lesson is of course different, and tailored to the tutee's requirements, but I find this approach works in the vast majority of cases. I consider grammar to be crucially important, but treat it as a means to an end and always emphasise the ways in which it can be usefully applied to translation rather than learned in isolation. I believe that any tutee can excel in Latin and Greek with a little guidance and a decent amount of independent work. Above all, I strive to make my lessons fun and enjoyable. I love my subject and want all of my tutees to love it too.

What qualifications do you have?

BA Classics, University of Cambridge (2:1) | PGCE Classics, University of Cambridge

Tell us about your experience...

I have been tutoring Latin and Ancient Greek intensively for the past 9 years, and have now had thousands of hours of teaching experience. I have taught towards all major public exams in both languages, such as Common Entrance, GCSE, AS, A2, Pre-U, SAT and even BA (i.e. University exams). I am very familiar with the entrance processes for a wide variety of independent schools, and have taught dozens of students taking scholarship papers, including for leading schools such as Westminster, St Paul's, Eton, and others. ​ I have tutored many students applying to Cambridge and Oxford, and can provide in-depth advice and support with choosing the right course and college, as well as getting to the necessary level for the language tests. I have also taught the languages to those who have decided to learn them purely for fun! In addition to my face-to-face teaching, I have taught extensively online, and have built up an array of handy techniques to get the most from the online format. See my Skype page for more! I was Head of Latin at a school in Bury St Edmunds for two years (September 2011 to July 2013), having previously taught Latin and Classical Civilisation in two state schools in Cambridge. From 2010-2017 I widely supervised for the University of Cambridge, teaching undergraduates Latin and Ancient Greek (the colleges included Pembroke, Downing, Homerton, Queens', King's, Murray Edwards, Newnham, Caius, Peterhouse, St John's, Emmanuel and Trinity). I also own and run a private tuition agency, Titanium Tutors, which I set up in 2011, managing a team of 9 staff members and over 1,000 inspirational tutors.

What locations do you tutor in?

• North London (inc. West Hampstead, Camden Town, Notting Hill, Kensington and other areas) | Cambridge | Online (e.g. Skype, Zoom, etc.)

What is your personal message to students?

With the right guidance and a little hard work, anyone can succeed in Latin and Ancient Greek!

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: Yes
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: North London + online (via Skype, Zoom, etc.)
Online tutor: Skype, Zoom, etc.
Subjects: Latin All levels (inc undergraduate)
  Computing All levels for C#, ASP.NET, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap
  Ancient Greek All levels (inc undergraduate)