Jennifer M

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£ 15.00-25.00 p/h

I am an enthusiastic, hard working qualified professional, having completed my PGCE in June 2020. Following 10 years of experience in the Royal Navy, I strive to achieve the best in all areas, and I am always eager to learn new skills and proactively advance my teaching career. My passion for teaching began during my undergraduate degree when I participated in the Student Associate Scheme run by a Secondary School in special measures with a very low number of students pursuing further education. This passion was further ignited during my career in the military, whereby I tutored individuals who had failed to achieve in English at GCSE, and it was now a requirement for promotion. I am dedicated to ensuring all my students have a diverse and equal opportunity to access English and can broaden their own opportunities post-Secondary school.

How would you describe your teaching style?

My teaching philosophy has arisen from my own experiences as a student and the various touchstones that I have encountered along the way. Teaching has always been my natural calling. I have always had the desire to teach, mentor and coach and my military service has expanded my knowledge of working with different people to achieve a common goal. Teaching is undoubtedly a vocational role and a career that is driven by passion. My personal passion for learning and encouraging others to enjoy learning is at the heart of my teaching philosophy. My interests focus on student progression and providing students with the skills to achieve their full potential. One-size-fits-all approaches are ineffective, and varying strategies will need to be utilised to promote learning for individual students. I continue to have an interest in retrieval strategies and engaging short- and long-term memory function as well as stimulating deeper discussions and promoting individual responses to literary works.

What qualifications do you have?

English & Theology BA 2:1 (2010) PGCE English Secondary (2020)

Tell us about your experience...

Teachers’ standard 1 (DfE 2016) states that teachers must provide a safe and stimulating environment to promote learning and it is my belief this is derived from passion and enthusiasm. My passion for my subject encouraged me to complete the Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) prior to embarking on the PGCE programme. This course provided me with the opportunity to reconnect with the current GCSE standards and content expectations whilst also reigniting my enthusiasm for English and the aspiration to exude this in the classroom. Having experienced 10 years of military, I appreciate and value routine and boundaries. However, this touchstone has shaped my teaching and encouraged me to question the varying methods used to help student achieve their full potential. I feel as though exerting the fear factor and shouting (as I have witnessed throughout my PGCE placements) is not a helpful strategy and I have learnt that these methods are often ineffective. Instead, I hope to instil order and consistency by forming positive relationships and gaining a good understanding of individual students and their strengths and weaknesses and thus fulfilling Teachers’ standard 5 (DfE 2016).

What locations do you tutor in?

I am available for online tutoring. I can also travel in the North Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire area.

What is your personal message to students?

Don't be afraid to fail - be afraid of not trying. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you. We can do this together!

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: Yes
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor:
Online tutor: No
Subjects: English KS3
  English GCSE