Cyara B

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£ 30.00-45.00 p/h

Cyara is a recent Oxford Graduate who studied History & English (joint honours) at Merton College from 2017-2020. Having gained a high 2ii in June she has since become an English language teacher to adults and children in France part-time. Cyara has tutored children of all ages and mental abilities, in subjects ranging from basic English comprehension and maths, to Key stage 3 Geography and ICT, to complex A-level History, Philosophy and Ethics, Politics, and English. In addition to this she has a full DBS check, and has been a babysitter for families for over five years.

How would you describe your teaching style?

Generally speaking, my teaching style is open, warm, with a strong focus on discussion-based learning. This helps me to ensure that my pupils have fully comprehended the subject we are studying. I encourage my pupils to demonstrate their knowledge through this discussion format, with the assistive aid of written homework pieces. I adapt this style greatly to the individual pupil's needs. I tend to find that a warm, discursive, but highly structured and activities-focused approach works very well with younger pupils, whilst a more open, free-flowing discussion-style tutorial helps stretch advanced and older pupils to the best of their abilities.

What qualifications do you have?

- BA History & English (Joint honours), Oxford University. (2017-2020) - A levels: (2017) --- A* English Literature (AQA) --- A* Philosophy & Ethics (OCR) ---A History (Edexcel) - AS level: A, Politics (2016) - GCSE's: (2015) --- A* English Literature ---A* English Language ---A* Maths ---A* Further Maths ---A* Statistics ---A* Single Science ---A* Double Science ---A* French ---A* Drama ---A* Religious Studies

Tell us about your experience...

I began tutoring 5 years ago, helping Key stage 3 and GCSE students reach high grades as a sixth former in a formal capacity, and working with intellectually disabled teenagers in an informal capacity as a older Foster sibling. I found both types of work greatly rewarding, and in both instances marked improvements in abilitiy were seen. I continued my formal tutoring work throughout university, where I worked largely with several younger children from one family (ages 5-9) who had a rudimentary grasp of English. Here I developed my integrated, holistic teaching techniques: using one subject (such as History, or Geography) to teach another (English and Maths) in an engaging format. I am currently an English language teacher, and I work with children as young as 6 and adults as old as 56, one both a one-on-one and group basis. In addition to the above, I have been heavily involved in facilitating, discussing, and coaching Oxford applicants

What locations do you tutor in?

I currently conduct all tutoring classes via Zoom or other video communication formats, and thus am able to tutor any student with an internet connection, in any location.

What is your personal message to students?

No academic problem is too tricky, as long as one has a good book, a kind teacher, and some patience. I hope to help you with any challenges you may be facing, and to help you truly enjoy studying your subject. More than that, I look forward to discussing fascinating topics with you.

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: Yes; an enahnced DBS check
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: No
Online tutor: I can use skype, zoom, or teams to tutor (depending on client's preference)
Subjects: English up to and including A level
  History up to and including A level
  English as a foreign language Beginner to Fluent
  Religious Studies A level & GCSE
  Politics A level
  Oxford Admissions Interviews English, History, English & History