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Tutor Doctor Now Making 'House Calls' in East London

Tutor Doctor Now Making 'House Calls' in East London

Tutor Doctor has helped over 200,000 students worldwide since 2000...

Docklands, London— There will be fewer 'maths meltdowns' and other homework headaches in East London now that Tutor Doctor – the world's fastest growing 'in-home' tutoring franchise – has been introduced to the community.

Tutor Doctor Poplar

               Fast Growing One-on-One In-Home Tutoring Franchise Ready to Make a Difference

Demand for private tuition has increased significantly in recent years, with studies suggesting that half of children now receive some form of additional educational help during their schooling.  This growth has been attributed to factors such as rising student enrolments, curriculum changes, intense competition for school, university and job places, and the inability of standard education systems to address the unique needs of each student. As a result, the marketplace for tutoring has never been stronger, with the UK industry already worth over £6bn and projected to surpass £68bn by 2020.

The effectiveness of one-to-one tuition and mentoring as a complement to in-school learning is being increasingly recognised in the education community. The Department for Schools Children and Families provides an annual average budget of £190,000 per school for children qualifying for free school meals under its Pupil Premium programme, for which it states that 'One-to-one tuition should be employed wherever possible'.

Taking the best practice of one-to-one tuition, Tutor Doctor has expanded rapidly, with company having helped over 200,000 students worldwide since 2000. Tutor Doctor is proud to now be offering its high quality one-to-one tuition services within Tower Hamlets. Tutor Doctor Poplar offers students of all ages and subjects in the region a private and personalised way to catch-up, prepare, get ahead or learn something new.

Tutor Doctor Poplar is run by local entrepreneur Leon Collins. As a former secondary school science teacher and private tutor Leon recognised a real need for an education service like Tutor Doctor, particularly within the diverse and rapidly developing Docklands area.

''Learners in East London stand to gain significant value from Tutor Doctor. Our individually tailored one-on-one tuition ensures that each student is given the support required to grow and succeed in their chosen subject, and our knowledgeable and motivating tutors take great satisfaction in seeing their students' progress. We can't wait to help more learners reach their full potential.''

Tutor Doctor uses a variety of well-known educational tools to supplement customised programmes, but primarily leverages the curriculum and material the student is currently following so that the most relevant tuition is provided. Tutor Doctor also works closely with its students' teachers to ensure that progress inside and outside of the classroom is aligned.

In addition to providing subject and study skills tuition to school-age students, many families also hire Tutor Doctor to help students prepare for more advanced challenges at college and university level, whilst adult learners have seen significant benefits from tuition in areas including languages and professional courses. Alongside its in-home services, Tutor Doctor also partners with schools and local authorities to support students through one-to-one tuition as part of the Pupil Premium programme.

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About Tutor Doctor

Tutor Doctor was founded in 2000 as an alternative to the "one-to-many" teaching model most extra-curricular learning centres offer by providing a personalised one-on-one, in-home tutoring service to students. The company quickly grew and in 2003 turned to franchising as a way of expanding the company's impact and meeting the vast market demand.

Now with offices internationally in Canada, the United States, Latin America, the United Kingdom, Middle East and Africa, the Tutor Doctor vision is becoming a reality as the lives of students and their families are being positively impacted throughout the world.

With over 400 franchised territories worldwide, Tutor Doctor was listed by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the fastest growing franchise brands. For more information about Tutor Doctor visit or

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