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European Families Turning to Private Tuition to Ensure University Places

European Families Turning to Private Tuition to Ensure University Places

Tutor's International report an increase in tutor enquiries from European countries

According to a statement published by Tutor's International, more families in continental Europe are seeking the services of private tutors because of widespread dissatisfaction with educational standards in schools.

The Founder of Tutor's International, Adam Caller commented: “The majority of enquiries we’ve received have been from parents who are just not happy with the standard of education in school. They want their children to go to Oxford University or Harvard, and to compete with kids in the UK, the US and in other countries, those kids need that extra ‘sparkle’ – that added ‘something’ that puts them ahead of the majority of their peers.”

Tutors International report an increase in enquiries from counties such as Kazakhstan, Spain and Greece, among others.

Mr Caller said, “Parents want their kids to know what’s going on in the world. They want applied learning and cross-discipline understanding. They don't want to just achieve an A in History; they want to understand historical politics too. Good exam results should be a by-product of good learning and good teaching. Private tutoring has a different teaching ethos than that found in all but the best private schools. A private tutor can take the time to explain the world and educate a child holistically, one to one, in a fun and engaging way that inspires a real joy and love of learning. Parents in all countries are starting to recognise this and want their children to benefit from home schooling too.”

Read the full press release on PR Web.

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