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The Tutor Website Featured in the Guardian Online

The Tutor Website Featured in the Guardian Online

Home tutoring as a business

The Tutor Website has been featured in an article in the Guardian Online about home tutoring as a business. The article mentions the advantages of private tuition as including flexible working hours and little overheads:

'From a business point of view, the advantages are that work is flexible - tutoring generally takes place between 2pm and 10pm - and will fit around other commitments, and overheads are low.'

The article also quotes The Tutor Website's advice on public liability and professional insurance:

'Public liability insurance is generally recommended for anyone who offers tuition out with or within their own home as a means of protecting themselves against legal liability following an injury to a student or damage to third party property. However, it is not a legal obligation. "Professional insurance is also considered by some tutors as a means of protection against any legal proceedings as a result of advice or guidance given as a professional service. For tutors who offer tuition in their own homes, it's important that risk assessments are observed in order to address any health and safety risks'

The full article can be read on The Guardian's website.

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