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Nicole S

Primary 11 Plus tutor in Manchester, North West

£25.00-35.00Academic tutor

I would make a great tutor as I like to make lessons fun and engaging whilst also educational. I feel that planning and teaching a child on a 1:1 basis allows for me to adapt and change my teaching style depending on their learning style and what works best for the child. Depending on the subject, I would provide activities for the children to complete, some may be worksheets, but some may be more interactive where possible. Again, I would adapt this to the needs and learning style of each individual. If appropriate, I may set some extra tasks for them to get on with between sessions if I feel they would benefit from this. I am a qualified teacher with a BA Honours Degree in Primary Education and have had 2 years teaching experience in both State and Private schools, allowing me a wide range of experiences in a variety of year groups (Year 6, Year 3 and Year 1). I have a good knowledge of the National Curriculum and have been through SATs and Entrance Exam tests myself. I have also had experience in tutoring children before whilst working through my degree, allowing me opportunities to support children going through both of these experiences. I want to make sure that every child I tutor feels happier, more confident and more able in each subject I help with and for those going through Entrance Exams/SATs, they feel calm and prepared. I do not want any children to feel stressed or too worried about their tests and will constantly remind them that their best is all we can ask for!

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: DBS
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: No
Online tutor: LearnCube
Subjects: 11 Plus Primary
  Primary Education Primary
  English Primary
  Geography Primary
  History Primary
  Maths Primary
  Science Primary
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