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Lana Lawko K

A-Level Psychology tutor in South Norwood, London

£30.00-60.00Academic tutor

Head of Psychology at a prestigious private school in South London. I hold a Master`s Degree in Psychology and have worked for AQA as an examiner. I am able to teach learners of all ranges and abilities and will tailor my lessons to meet your needs. I have an innate ability to relate to young learners, good interpersonal and listening skills which are further enhanced by my in-depth knowledge in psychology and how to promote self-efficacy beliefs and personal goal setting as self-motivation for academic attainment. I am alert, creative and imaginative whilst teaching and preparing for psychology lessons, which leave my learners curious and engaged. One of my foremost skills is the management and application of data on students` academic attainment which is used as a platform to set targets for learners, designed to motivate, challenge and raise attainment. With exams fast approaching, I will teach you the key content you must know and the skills required to tackle any exam questions presented by the new AQA Psychology Specification for A-Level. I have a sense of humour that will make learning a fun and enjoyable experience whilst raising your motivation and restoring your confidence in the subject. I have created invaluable psychology resources that have specific links to the exam and will be provided to you alongside my tutoring.

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: Yes
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor:
Online tutor: I can tutor via skype/facetime/whatsapp video call
Subjects: Psychology A-Level
  Psychology GCSE
  Psychology Undergraduate
  Psychology Masters
  11 Plus
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