Top 20 Geography Blogs and Website Resources

Top 20 Geography Blogs and Website Resources

Our pick of the best geography resources on the web

Here's the latest in our series of top educational resources. This time we’ve compiled a list of our top 20 geography blogs, websites and resources, most of which are based in the UK and aimed at high school students studying GCSE and A level geography.




Created by St Ivo School’s geography department, this blog has a wealth of resources for students studying geography at all levels and is updated regularly.


Geog Debens


A GCSE Geography support blog for students of Ms Debens. This blog is frequently updated and is a great resource for students and teachers alike.


David Roger's Geography Blog


Award winning geography teacher David Roger’s blog following developments in Geography teaching.


The Geography Collective


A collective of Guerrilla Geography activists, teachers, therapists, academics and artists who have come together to encourage (young) people to see and think about the world in new ways.

Geography All The Way


Created by Richard Allaway, this geography blog continually develops an online collection of teaching resources.


The Geography Blog EU


The Geogr@phy Blog aims to provide a quick and easy way for A level and GCSE students studying geography to keep up to date with current events,.  It also aims to promote enthusiasm and interest, sharing some of the awe inspiring photographs, and the web sites they come across.


Share Geography


Created by Tony Cassidy, this blog follows his thoughts on the world of geography.


Geography Pods


Created by the Curriculum Leader for Geography at the International School of Toulouse in France who is also the former Head of Geography at Meadowhead Secondary school, this website has a vast amount of information for high school students.


Geogging With a Badger


A geography blog created by Alan Parkinson for users of the new Badger GCSE Geography Grade Booster, published May 2012, focusing on support strategies for GCSE Geography.


Digital Geography


The author of Digital Geography is Noel Jenkins, a full-time Advanced Skills Teacher, working in the South West of England. He specializes in creative approaches to teaching and learning. Noel received the Royal Geographical Society Award for Contributions to excellence in the teaching of Geography at secondary level.


Graeme Eyre


The personal blog of a geography teacher focusing on the study of geography in secondary schools.


Geog Teacher


A useful blog for teachers and students of the new AQA Geography GCSE Syllabus.


Ayrshire Geog


Information for pupils studying Geography in school ages 11 - 18 in Scotland.


Primary Geog Blog


A geography blog written by former Primary Curriculum Development Leader for the Geographical Association in Sheffield.


Funky Geography


Created by Mrs Smith, this blog is for young geographers at Seaford Head School and other students studying geography at secondary level.


John Sayers Geography


A very informative blog aimed at high school students studying geography.


Geo Donn


A weblog designed to share Geography resources with students and teachers.


Geography NQT


Written by a geography teacher in a London secondary state school.


Geography SLC


An interesting school geography blog.


King GCSE Geography


A blog aimed at supporting GCSE students at the King’s CE School.


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