The Role of Private Tuition in the Return to O Level Exams - Have Your Say

The Role of Private Tuition in the Return to O Level Exams - Have Your Say

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The UK Education Secretary Michael Gove has proposed a return to O level style exams as part of the government’s schools reforms to improve the teaching of core subjects.  Much debate surrounds the issue of this reform and The Tutor Website would like to open up a discussion to private tutors on how the role of private tuition might fit into the debate.


In England, students will sit their GCSE exams for the last time in the core subjects in 2015, where a return to the more traditional exam-based O level will take place the following year.  As outlined in the Guardian newspaper, the reform will take place in stages:


   - Autumn 2013 will be the last year that students will start studying for GCSEs in the core subjects.

   - Autumn 2014 will be the first year that students start studying for the new O level-style exams in the core subjects.

   - Summer 2015 will be the last time students sit GCSEs in the core subjects.

   - Summer 2016 will be the first time pupils sit the new exams.


Some Discussion Points... 

    • Will the new O level exams further increase demand for private tutors?

    • With reports in recent years of the increase in private tuition, will O level exams come to be perceived as

      ‘just as easy’ as GCSE’s as a result of tutors’ help?

    • The last O level exam was taken in 1987. Does the rise of the internet and online learning now better equip

      students to study for exams in the core subjects?

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