Top 20 UK Science Resources and Blogs

Top 20 UK Science Resources and Blogs

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The latest in our 'Top Ten Resources' series - be sure to check out our Top 10 UK Educational Blogs and Top 10 UK Maths Resources.  This list of science resource websites aims to help in-person and online science tutors in the UK find relevant information on their given subject and find teaching ideas for GCSE and A level chemistry, physics and biology.  Here is our top 20 list:


1. Snap Shot Science


Snapshot Science is a blog about topical events/news stories in science and how they can be used as teaching ideas for KS3 - KS5 science classes.  This website is a great resource for Science tutors and deservedly has the number one spot in our top 20.


2. Click Biology


Created by Allison Gardner, this quirky website has lots of free A level and IGCSE science resources including worksheets, powerpoints, quizzes and games.


3. Chem Book


This Chemistry site takes sides with the student by attempting to unravel misleading theory and to show students how to work things out for themselves. Chemistry in Perspective was written by a chemistry tutor who specialises in helping students taking A Level chemistry re-sits to achieve higher grades.


4. Biology Questions and Answers


The Biology Questions Blog is an index of questions and answers posted by users of Biology Questions and Answers. It is also a place for comments about questions of main Biology exams.


5. If It's Green It's Biology


A very informative science website for tutors created by a Biology Teacher with 8 years experience in Secondary and Post 16 Teaching in the UK and abroad.  The information on the site has a particular focus on Evidence Based Methodology.


6. Glen Gilchrist


This UK science blog is a great resource for private science tutors.  It’s no-nonsense approach means its content is easily-accessible.


7. School Physics


Maintained by Keith Gibbs, a retired physics teacher and textbook author, this website provides access to free physics worksheets.


8. Science Active


This website contains science lesson materials and downloads, specifically focusing on investigations, ideas & evidence, global warming, atomic structure and bonding.


9. Rod Beavon


Created by a Head of Science and Edexcel Chief Examiner, this website focuses on chemistry content and covers a wide variety of material in all branches of the subject.


10. Teachable Science


This Science resource website has more than 1000 downloadable Powerpoints and worksheets, submitted by over 100 different science teachers.   The site’s mission is to enhance education quality and to empower teachers who in turn, empower children.


The site is user-friendly and you can browse through their science resources by subject, topic, age group and ability level.  The most relevant resources are clearly ranked by user and editor reviews.


11. Fiendishly Clever


Created by a Biology teacher, this website provides information, advice and photographs relating to science education.  The site also provides free access to its science resources.


12. Creative Chemistry


Creative Chemistry is run by Nigel Saunders and provides access to worksheets and practical guides for chemistry clubs, focusing on GCSE and A Level Chemistry. The website offers interactive coursework help, molecular models and games.


13. Mike Docker


Created by Mike Docker, this website contains a huge number of revision quizzes for AS and A2 Chemistry, grouped by exam board and topic.


14. Chem Guide


This site is an online guide, created to help A level students understand the more awkward bits of Chemistry. Written by Jim Clark, ex-Head of Chemistry at Truro School, the site was originally intended to meet the needs of UK A level chemistry students, but it has been widened over the years to cover material on all the UK-based syllabuses including A level, IB, Scottish Advanced Highers and Cambridge International.


15. Mr Rothery


Written by an experienced teacher and examiner, this website focuses on AS and A2 level Biology, providing revision notes and questions which can be answered and self marked online.


16. Andrew Harmsworth


Created by Andrew Harmsworth, Head of Physics at The Leys School in Cambridge, this website provides reviews and links to computer software suitable for use in classroom teaching of Astronomy. The site can be used by teachers, tutors, pupils, parents – anyone who has an interest in Astronomy.


17. Trying to Teach Better


An interesting UK Science blog written by a secondary school science teacher.


18. Teach GR


An informative blog, ideal for UK science tutors and written by a secondary school science teacher.


19. Doc Brown


'Doc Brown's On-line Science' has KS3 science revision quizzes for biology, chemistry and physics. There are extensive (Doc Brown's Chemistry) GCSE/IGCSE/A level/IB chemistry notes and quizzes (multiple choice tests and structured questions).  The site also has complete sets of syllabus summary revision notes for all the new GCSE science/additional science/seperate science courses from AQA, Edexcel and OCR.


20. Skool


This website provides learners, teachers and private tutors with all they need to support their understanding of Science and Maths for Key Stages 3 and 4.  It also contains a GCSE Exam Centre that contains comprehensive study notes for Maths Syllabus A and B and Double Award Science.

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