Top 10 Spanish Blogs for Spanish Learners

Top 10 Spanish Blogs for Spanish Learners

If you're a student studying for your GCSE or A-Level Spanish, you should check out our list of the top ten Spanish blogs for Spanish learners. Our list also includes podcasts and YouTube channels for extra motivation. Likewise, this list will also be useful for anyone looking to learn Spanish for professional, or casual purposes.

If textbooks are boring you, and vocab lists are just too long, then there’s no better place to learn some Spanish than with Spanish blogs. We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 blogs that will help you learn Spanish, all of which come highly recommended. We’ve also thrown in a couple of podcasts and YouTube channels for good measure too.

Peppy Burro

Peppy Burro is truly a one-stop shop for all language learners, combining everything from podcasts to flashcards. There are blogposts on a variety of grammatical topics, and even links to Spanish movies and music, should you want to pep up your learning!

Spanish Obsessed

This bilingual blog, run by Rob and his Colombian wife Liz, explores every aspect of the Spanish language, and Latin American culture. You can become a member of their site to unlock additional content, or simply visit as a guest to make use of their podcasts and blogposts. Their blog covers topics such as phrases for tourists.

Speaking Latino

This blog is great for the Spanish learner that wants to get to grips with the intricacies of the language, and how it differs in different Spanish-speaking countries across the world. Focusing on using Spanish in the ‘real world’, there are posts on everything from Spanish slang to Ecuadorian Spanish, with articles dedicated to grammar topics too.

The Spanish Blog

The wonderful Laura Eslava has created a site full of useful resources for all Spanish learners. You can choose to buy full courses (ranging from beginner to advanced), or simply use the hundreds of free lessons available on the site. The lessons cover everything from basic greetings to using the subjunctive.

FluentU Spanish

The FluentU Spanish blog covers a range of topics from how to order Mexican food, to useful Spanish idioms. Through the FluentU site, you can find links to great Spanish podcasts and YouTube channels, and you can also sign up to a video-based ‘immersion course’, to truly accelerate your learning. A great and varied resource.

Notes in Spanish

With a combination of audio and video resources, Notes in Spanish is a great site for learners of all levels. Run by a Madrid-based couple, Notes in Spanish deals with a wide variety of topics from Spanish idioms and words, to the effects of globalisation in Spain. You can also purchase complete learning ‘packs’, from beginner to advanced, for more comprehensive language learning.

Coffee Break Spanish

This podcast by Radio Lingua is great for beginners and intermediate learners, with each ‘lesson’ lasting around 15-20 minutes. The presenters, Mark and Kara, cover topics ranging from ordering coffee to asking for directions, and are a great addition to your Spanish learning.


This podcast contains Spanish speakers from around the world, allowing you to familiarise yourself with the different Spanish accents that exist globally. With fun episodes that are spoken at a manageable speed, you will find almost any vocabulary or grammar-related topic covered. There are also lesson notes available to download for each episode.

Spanish Sessions

Pilar’s YouTube channel is a great resource for Spanish learners, as it covers everything from reflexive verbs to cinema-related vocabulary. The videos are short yet enjoyable, and use a variety of techniques, such as real-life situations and classroom settings, to teach the topics. You can also sign up for Skype Spanish lessons if you really enjoy the videos!

Butterfly Spanish

Ana’s YouTube channel is a warm, inviting place where her infectious smile will guide you along your language-learning journey. Ana covers everything from talking about love in Spanish, to vocabulary related to Cinco de Mayo! The videos vary in length, but are all full of energy and fun. 

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