How to Find Tutoring Work Over the Summer

How to Find Tutoring Work Over the Summer

With most students enjoying some time off after their GCSE and A-Level exams, private tutors often experience a drop in demand for their services during the summer term. To help tutors maintain their income during these months, Mark Maclaine from Tutorfair has some practical advice.

Over the summer months, private tutors can find themselves with less work than usual. Students are out of school and studying is out of mind. Whilst revision over the summer holidays makes a lot of sense to help prevent the ‘summer slide’, the holidays are often seen as a time exclusively for leisure.

For many students and parents, tutoring simply isn’t deemed as necessary during the summer. Naturally, this can be quite problematic for tutors reliant on the work.

However, whilst summer might not be the busiest time, there are a number of things that you can do to ensure your income doesn’t suffer. In this post, I’ll share my top five tips for finding tutoring work over summer.

1. Provide 11 Plus Tutoring

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Although GCSE and A-level exams are over, the 11 plus exam is just around the corner. Eleven plus exams take place throughout September, and there are always a lot of kids in need of some tutoring to help them make it into their preferred grammar school.

The 11 plus covers Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Maths and English. Familiarise yourself with the format, invest some time in looking over past papers and diversify your tutoring services to offer tutoring for the 11 plus. Ensure that you specifically advertise yourself as an 11 plus tutor so parents can easily find you in search engines and tutoring directories.

2. Advertise Summer Discounts

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Everyone loves a discount, so if tutoring demand is dwindling over the summer months, then offering a special deal could help remedy this. If you have your own website or tutor profile, then draw attention to this offer as much as possible.

Equally, if you already have some experience tutoring, then chances are you’ve built up a reliable client base. Why not propose summer refresher lessons to existing tutees at a discounted price? You’ve likely already proven the value of your sessions to these students and their parents, so they’ll leap at the opportunity.

3. Teach English as a Foreign Language

While school subjects like Maths and Physics tend to be more seasonal, there are always people looking to improve their English. Over the summer there’s a huge demand for tutors who can teach English as a Foreign Language, particularly from international university students.

With most universities start in September, a lot of foreign students arrive in the UK some months before and will be seeking English lessons before term starts to help them prepare for their course. In addition to being rewarding, by expanding your offerings to include teaching English as a foreign language, you’ll open up a whole new stream of potential students.

4. Work at a Summer School

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Working at a summer school is a good option because it removes the hassle of having to find clients in need of tutoring. There are countless summer schools across the UK in need of tutors, with course lengths ranging from a few weeks to months.

Typically, there tends to be three types of summer schools. First, there are summer schools intended to build on traditional school subjects, offering tuition across a range of areas from Economics to Biology. Secondly, there are more general summer schools providing teaching around personal development, team building and honing communication and professional skills. Finally, there is often a lot of demand for English language tutors at summer schools dedicated to improving international students’ English.

In certain cases, summer schools include free accommodation, as well as offering a number of extra-curricular activities to get involved in.

5. Offer Online Tutoring

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Nowadays, you simply can’t afford not to be online. If you’re listed in online tutor directories like Tutorfair, not only will you be found by more students, but you’ll also be able to offer your services in more locations. Through platforms like Skype, students that you previously wouldn’t have been able to teach before are now suddenly available.

The great thing about online tuition is that you can teach from anywhere in the world at your own convenience. If you haven’t already, sign up to Tutorfair to start advertising your online tutoring services.

Hopefully one of these tips will have given you a new avenue to try and boost your tutoring this summer. With many of these suggestions, the main intention is to come up with new ways of developing the services that you offer to appeal to more students. Play to your strengths and find new ways of expanding your offering. Good luck, and happy tutoring!

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Mark Maclaine

Mark Maclaine is a London-based super tutor specialising in maths, science and school admissions. He is the co-founder of Tutorfair. Tutorfair is a website where parents and students can find and book tutors locally, or online. For every student who pays, Tutorfair gives free tutoring to a child who can’t.

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