Tutoring Infographic: How Much Does Private Tutoring Cost?

Tutoring Infographic: How Much Does Private Tutoring Cost?

The team at Tutora share their research into how much private tutors cost throughout the UK. Presented in a well-designed infographic, this post makes for interesting reading.

Here at Tutora, we're often asked by parents how much tuition costs. Here is a list of the average cost of lessons, separated out by the level and subject studied or the location.

Unsurprisingly, tuition costs the most in London (£25.55 per hour), whilst towns in the Midlands have the lowest hourly rates. Reading (£23.08), Bournemouth (£22.92), Edinburgh (£22.03) and Brighton (£21.95) round out the top five most expensive cities, with Coventry (£19.32) and Nottingham (£19.35) footing the table.

There are less English tutors than Maths tutors available currently, which has lead to a higher hourly rate of £24 per hour for English lessons, compared to an average of £21.86 per hour for Maths (Further Maths has a higher hourly rate of £23.85). Languages are a little cheaper, with a high number of tutors available, whilst professional studies are often closer to £25 per hour, as those subjects are generally studied at a higher level before tuition is sought.

Perhaps most surprisingly, parents are now paying more for Primary tuition (£21.54 per hour) than for KS3 lessons (£21.07). This seems to reflect a growing focus on end of Key Stage 2 (Year 6) SATs results.  

Similarly, Admissions tuition has become highly sought after and thus pushed the hourly rate of tuition up to £25 per hour - another suggestion that parents are becoming quicker to act when they feel their children need additional support.

Parents should remember that the price of a tutor can vary greatly based on their level of experience. Sessions typically cost between £15 and £35 outside of London and £20 to £50 in the capital city. There has been a lot of focus on 'super tutors' recently, but these figures show that those tutors are the exception, rather than the norm.

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