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List of private tutors offering tuition in Lambeth.



KS3, Primary, GCSE Biology, Chemistry, Maths tutor offering tutoring in Balham, Lambeth, London

£20.00-35.00 Academic tutor

I am a recently qualified Pharmacist, and have previously tutored for the tutoring company "Kumon", as well as for fellow students whilst at school and university. Additionally, I have spent time volunteering abroad, teaching children of various ages. I am a good listener with a lot of patience, and believe it is important to vary tutoring techniques depending on each student, as we all learn best through different methods. I would like to help students find the best approach for them to be able to work independently, and reach their full potential.

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: No
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: South London, Surrey
Online tutor: No
Subjects: Biology primary
  Biology KS3
  Biology GCSE
  Chemistry primary
  Chemistry KS3
  Chemistry GCSE
  Maths primary


Max Saunders-Singer

A level, Undergraduate Drama, English, History, Art and Design tutor in Brixton, Lambeth, London

£20.00-40.00 Academic tutor

Hi, I am a professional Actor, Writer and Director, working primarily on the stage. Shakespeare is my great passion. Having worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company and The Young Shakespeare Company I can bring the Bard's work to life for any student. Transforming it from a dull classroom exercise into something exciting and magical. Any students of English or Drama who need help with this subject need look no further. I look forward to hearing from you! Max Saunders-Singer

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: DBS
Home-based tutor: No
Travelling tutor: All Of London
Online tutor: No
Subjects: Drama Degree
  English A Level
  History A Level
  Art & Design A Level

Raphael Oyelade

KS3, GCSE, A Level, Adult Learner Maths, Science, Physics tutor offering lessons in Brixton, Lambeth, London

£20.00-30.00 Academic tutor

I аm аn enthusiаstic аnd level heаded grаduаte with extensive experience teаching bоth yоung peоple аnd аdults а vаriety оf subjects аnd skills. I grаduаted with а 1st Clаss Mаsters degree in Physics, Astrоphysics аnd Cоsmоlоgy frоm Lаncаster University (Nо.1 in the UK fоr Physics reseаrch) аnd with оutstаnding skills in bоth Mаths аnd Physics, I hаve knоwn since dоing my оwn A Levels thаt I cаn teаch Mаths tо аnybоdy, up tо A Level stаndаrd. And Mаths is simply the lаnguаge оf Physics. A firm fоundаtiоn in Mаths mаkes the wоrld оf Physics оpen up like never before.

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: DBS
Home-based tutor: No
Travelling tutor: I am a travelling tutor in Stockwell, Clapham, Camberwell, Kennington, Peckham, Stretham, Vauxhall, Westminster, London Bridge, Bermondsey, Camden, Kilburn, Victoria
Online tutor: No
Subjects: Mathematics KS2, KS3, GCSE, A Level, Adult Learner
  Science KS3, GCSE, A Level, Adult Learner
  Physics KS3, GCSE, A Level, Adult Learner



GCSE, 13 Plus, A Level Ancient History, Classical Civilisation, English, History, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics tutor offering tuition in Fulham, Hammershmith and Fulham, London

£35.00 Academic tutor

My Education: Originally from Oxford, I attended New College School, and then went on to Abingdon Boys before graduating from Bristol University with a 2:1. I achieved 5 A*s and 4As at GCSE, and 3As at A-Level (the year before A*s were introduced). My Experience: I currently teach 5 children at 11+ and 5 at 13+. All parents have said they'll happily act as my reference, so please don't hesitate to ask for their details. About me: I am patient and I never patronise my students. I get on really well with kids and I love doing what I do.

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: Yes - Basic
Home-based tutor: No
Travelling tutor: I have a car so I'm relatively flexible. Close to South/West/South West would obviously be ideal, but my current students are dotted around.
Online tutor: No
Subjects: Mathematics 13+
  Biology 13+
  Chemistry 13+
  Physics 13+
  English 13+
  History Up to A-Level
  Ancient History/Classical Civilisation Up to A-Level

Rebecca Glossop

GCSE, A Level English, Maths, Science, Geography, History, Law tutor offering tuition in Clapham, Lambeth, London

£6.31-15.00 Academic tutor

I've just moved to London to complete my LPC after graduating from Bristol University in June with a high 2.i in LLB Law. Having always had a high academic track record (a mixture of A's and A*s at GCSE and A level), I am looking to help students from whatever age with their workload. I have had tutors in the past so I know how helpful they can be. I'm really friendly, easy going and relaxed and am able to work through problems with students at whatever rate they prefer. Don't hesitate to get in touch :)!

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: I have been CRB checked
Home-based tutor: No
Travelling tutor: Clapham, Balham, Wimbledon
Online tutor: No
Subjects: English up to A level
  Mathematics up to GCSE level
  Science up to GCSE level
  Geography up to A level
  History up to A level
  Law up to degree level

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