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Safety advice for students and parents

As with other online and book directories, The Tutor Website does not meet people face to face.  All the information the website is provided with is taken to be factually correct at the time of it being received.  The Tutor Website will not, under any circumstances, publish an advert if the information provided is believed to be false – please see the application process under the ‘For Tutors’ section of the site for clarification on this.


Here are The Tutor Website’s safety tips to ensure a positive teaching experience:


  • Always make initial contact with people by email and then by telephone.  Not all telephone numbers are provided on adverts, which is at the tutor’s own discretion, although a tutor should be willing to provide a telephone number by email before any face to face meetings are arranged.  If you, as a student or a parent, have any reservations about an educator being unwilling to provide this information upon contact, we suggest you do not proceed with face to face contact.


  • Do not give out your home address until you have spoken with your tutor by telephone and feel that you have enough reassuring information to proceed with a face to face meeting.


  • Never arrange to meet someone by yourself at home, always ensure that there will be other people in the house during the tutor’s visit.  If you are a student meeting someone for the first time, always have someone else present, ideally a parent or guardian.  For parents meeting teachers for the first time, the same applies – always make sure there are other people present.  It is also essential that other people remain in the house at all times during future lessons.


  • It is recommended that lessons take place in an open room in the house, for example, the kitchen.


  • If you, as a student or parent arrange to meet a tutor in a public place, it is still essential that you arrange to meet your educator with another person.