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How to Start a Tutoring

What happens during lessons?

As a tutor, you should have a good understanding of what your students want from their time with you and this should be the basis for how you structure your lessons.


How you approach your lessons will depend upon what subject you are teaching and the time of year.  You should have a lesson plan prepared before every lesson, even if this only takes the form of a verbal agreement between you and your student. It is important that both tutor and student are clear about what the lesson will focus on.  Subjects such as English and Art for example, where answers are often open to interpretation, may often take a more ‘discursive’ form and involve less methodical practice.  Subjects such as math and science however, may be more likely to follow the logic of working through practical examples during the lesson. 


The content of your lessons will also depend on what time of year you start tutoring a student.  At the beginning of the academic year, lessons generally tend to focus on class-related tuition, so as to provide a supplement to the coursework outlined by the school curriculum.  From January onwards, tutors are normally at their busiest as the demand for exam preparation increases and therefore lessons tend to be more orientated towards final exams.