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How to Start a Tutoring

How to arrange lessons

Initial Contact

Initially, after being contacted by a student or parent via email, it is recommended that you follow the enquiry up by a telephone call.  This not only reassures potential customers that you are who you say you are, but it also gives them the chance to ask any questions they may have and to get an idea about your personality.  It also allows you the opportunity to get to know a bit of background information about the student and to equally decide if you would like to tutor them.


The First Meeting

The Tutor Website recommends that you arrange your first face to face meeting with students and parent/guardian by telephone.  It's considered best practice that the first meeting should take the form of an informal chat, at no cost, in order to gauge the student’s ability and to ask them what they would like to get from future lessons.  This allows students and parents the time to decide if a tutor would be beneficial.


It may be an idea to offer an initial visit at no cost, students and parents are generally appreciative that you have made this effort and it gains their trust in your abilities. 



It is also essential that you bring some documents with you on your first visit, highlighting your experience.  A ‘Tuition Profile’ is a good document to create, highlighting your skills, abilities and previous experience.  Much like a CV, a Tuition Profile is a good source of information to students and parents and the document ensures that they have all your contact details.  It is also essential that you show your CRB certificate if you have one, in order to give extra reassurance of your suitability.


It is up to you whether you decide to arrange contracts with students and parents.  Generally, lesson dates and times are arranged verbally between tutor and student.  It is also a good idea to create a document, stating your terms and conditions, in order to show what you expect from your tutor/student/parent relationship.


Have a look at our Resources page for some template resources.