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How to advertise on The Tutor Website

Advertising on our site couldn't be easier.  You choose your subjects, how much you charge and your availability.  To place an advert on the site, please complete our Application Form.


All required fields on the form are marked with a red asterix *, all other fields are optional.  We do ask for personal details, i.e home address to ensure that we're able to contact you if need be.  We don't pass these details on to anyone including students or parents.  The only contact details visible to others is your telephone number.  Even your email address is hidden behind an enquiry form for increased security.


Once you've submitted your application, your details will be manually checked by a person and not a computer.  If we have any questions regarding your application, we will contact you afterwards.  If everything looks fine, we will upload your advert on to the site within 48 hours. Payments are accepted online via Paypal and cost £25 for the whole year.  Renewal dates will be one year from when the advert is uploaded.


Please read our website terms and conditions before completing your application.


The wording on your advert is restricted to a maximum of 100 words so that each advert is displayed neatly on the site and to ensure the most relevant information is displayed.


Please write your message in one paragraph as this is how it will appear on the site.  Avoid writing your message in block capitals as this will have to be changed before your advert is uploaded.


Please Note:

You will notice that once your advert is displayed on the website, some keywords will appear above your profile.  These are chosen by the Site Owner in order to optimise your advert for search engines, ensuring that your advert is found when a student or parent searches for the services you offer.


Once your advert has been uploaded onto the site, you can still make changes at any time for free.


All you have to do is contact us using our enquiry form or using the exclusive email address we send you once we welcome you to the site.  We will happily make any appropriate changes to your advert as long as the changes do not exceed the maximum word length of 100 words.  We endeavor to make any changes to your advert as quickly as possible.


If you would like your advert removed from the site, please contact us by email and we will be happy to do so.  The longer your advert is displayed on the site, the more optimised it will be for search engines so bear with us if you don't receive as many enquiries in the early stages.


We operate a 7 day cancellation policy. You can cancel your advert with good reason within 7 days from the date it was uploaded and a full refund will be given.  Our cancellation policy follows the guidelines set out by the Office of Fair Trading.