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How much should I charge?

How Much Do Private Tutors Charge?

How much you decide to charge is up to you.  The Tutor Website does not take a cut of any profits you make.


Generally, home educators tend to charge £15 - £45 per hour, based on their experience.  It is suggested that if you are new to tutoring, then charging towards the lower end of the scale is more appropriate and as you gain experience you can increase your rates. 


Even if you're new to giving lessons, try not to charge too low for your services as this can come across as unprofessional.


Some tutors give discounts to students who agree to a certain amount of lessons over a certain period of time and others give discounts for teaching small groups of students.


It is your choice whether or not you decide to charge for last minute cancellations.  From personal experience however, I have found that being flexible with students is the best way to guarantee future lessons.  As you are likely to be tutoring high school students, it is worth bearing in mind that young people of high school age can often have other commitments outside of school – jobs, sports, socialising etc, so it’s a good idea to allow for last minute changes.