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FAQ's about advertising

How Many Students Can I Expect to Contact Me?

This depends on the area in which you offer your services and the time of year you post your advert.  Your chances of successful advertising are lower if you advertise in a lesser-populated area and are generally further away from high schools if you are a home tutor.  As September and January are generally the busiest months, you may not be contacted by students until these times of year.  We hope however, that this website will create a significant amount of contacts for you for the most part of the year and as the site grows in popularity, its success rates will too.  It's worth bearing in mind that search engines won't index your advert straight away so you need to be willing to allow time for your advert to take effect.


What Details Are Displayed On My Advert?

The only contact details that are displayed on your profile is your telephone number and even this is hidden until it's 'revealed'.  All email addresses are hidden behind an enquiry form so anyone who contacts you won't see your email address until you reply to them.  Our enquiry form reduces the chance of you receiving spam emails.


How Long Does My Advert Last?

Your advert will be displayed on the site for one year, unless you ask us to remove it or if we have reason to believe that you are in breach of our terms and conditions.  You will be reminded of your renewal date one month in advance and it is your choice whether or not you renew.


Can I Link to My Own Website From My Advert?

Yes, if you have your own website we'll l happily link to it on your advert.


Having your own website is a good way of providing more information about yourself that is not highlighted in your advert with this site.  Although not compulsory, it would be very appreciated if tutors with their own website could provide a link back to The Tutor Website.  This improves the site’s listing in search engines and makes it more successful for users.


Can I Be Listed in More Than One Region?

Yes, for an additional fee of £10 per extra region, you can be listed under a maximum of three different regions in our directory. This is restricted in order to ensure that every tutor has an equal chance at being contacted by parents and students.


I Also Tutor Online – Can I Advertise My Services On This Site?

Yes, if you give private lessons online, you may state this in your advert.  Please note that due to a lesser demand for online tutorials, this service is not currently searchable as a category on the site.