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Why use us?

So why use us? Well...


We are extremely passionate about home education and we gather our information from the experiences of other tutors.  We welcome article submissions and guest blog posts from students, parents, tutors and educational professionals and welcome feedback from anyone who has used the website.


We are inexpensive.  For a small fee, we allow home educators to advertise on the site on a yearly basis.  Our user's profiles are well laid-out and straight forward, ensuring students and parents are presented with the all the relevent information they need to arrange lessons.  Charging a small fee ensures that those who register on the site are serious about offering their services and are likely to respond to any enquiries they receive through the site.  This also ensures that we are not classified as an agency, but rather as an advice site and directory and therefore do not need to charge agency fees.


Our private and home tutor directory is clearly presented and easy to use.  Our no-nonsense approach doesn't require students or tutors to ‘log in’ or ‘sign up’ to access the directory or advice sections of the site and all our resources and ebooks are available to download for free.  None of our information is hidden behind a ‘search’ bar.   Our ‘Find a Tutor’ page has been created in such a way that finding a tutor is simple and effective.