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Our values

We value the opinons of others.  Education is all about communicating thoughts, ideas, facts and figures and we want to increase the potential for communication between students, parents and tutors through our site.  We have lots of ideas on how to do this and as the site grows, we'll make these changes along the way.  We want our site to be interactive and as user-friendly as possible.  Our values are:



We want the information on this site to be as up to date and accurate as possible.  We encourage feedback about the site's content and will make any changes necessary to ensure that all information is correct.  We actively encourage posts from Guest bloggers and experts in their field.  As long as your knowlege is relevent to our site, we'll happily consider publishing it on our blog.



We want everyone to be able to use this site confidently and securely.  As we do not meet the tutors who register on the site personally, we have a whole section of the website dedicated to providing safety advice for tutors, students and parents.  Here, we cover all you need to know about how tutors are vetted, how disclosures and CRB checks work, personal safety and how to ensure a positive experience from using the services of a home educator on our site.



We are committed to updating the site regularly with the latest news from the home education industry.  We also make regular posts on other issues that may affect home educators in the UK.  We aim to make new posts as regularly as possible on our blog and encourage content suggestions and article submissions from students, parents, tutors and educational professionals.