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Our aims

We aim to provide practical advice on private tuition in the UK to students, parents and tutors.  We do this through our online resources, ebooks and articles which are updated regularly.  We want our site to have a community feel so we actively encourage guest bloggers to share their knowledge on the site.  We encourage enquiries, feedback and article submissions from our users.


Our three specific aims are:


To Be Informative

We aim to provide a straight forward guide to working as a private tutor in the UK and aim to cover every aspect from tax advice to lessons ideas.  We want our content to be plentiful, original and unique.


To Be Effective

We want our tutors to have successful contacts from students and parents.  Equally, we want students and parents to find suitable tutors.  In order to do this, we realise that above all else, the site has to be user friendly and affordable.  By charging a small fee, we ensure that those who register on the site are serious about offering their services.  We understand the importance of being ranked highly in internet search engines and we endeavour to continuously optimise and market our website to ensure this.


We're always open to new ideas to on how to improve/market the site so if you have any suggestions, please contact us.


To Be Highly Regarded By Our Users

Our reputation is very important to us and we value every piece of feedback we receive.  We're always on the look out for new and innovative ways of engaging with home educators, students and parents and are always happy to take on board suggestions from our users.